Land of the Free & Home of the Crybabies?

In April 2003, we Americans gave President Bush a 76% approval rating in his handling of the War in Iraq. But now as tensions continue to rise and insurgents continue to kill men, women, children, and troops, about 39% of us think we have the right to change our minds, elect a new Congress, pull out of Iraq, and forget the whole thing ever happened. And granted, we do have that right.      

But whatever happened to doing the right thing no matter the cost, and taking responsibility for one’s actions? 

We can’t blame Bush for this war; 76% of us gave the President and Congress our blessing! We need to grab a mirror and blame ourselves. We supported our leaders in the decision to go to war. So here we are. And it’s too late to talk about how or why we got here, we just need to tread very carefully now so we don’t make it worse. We need to suck it up and be willing to take responsibility. The 39% of us who have since changed our minds simply don’t deserve that luxury.   

Iraq obviously needs America’s military help. The Iraqi people risk life and limb every day at the whimsy of fanatic jihadists who wish to establish a violent Islamic Theocracy that would send human rights (especially women’s rights) straight to the Dark Ages. Premature withdrawal of American troops could have devastating consequences for the Middle East region. Jihadists likely would bring the fight to American soil and increase hostilities against our allies abroad. If Iraq can’t be helped now, it won’t be helped ever. 

How soon we forget history. Iraq mostly conjures up the ghosts of Vietnam. But what about Japan? In WWII Japan was bombed to oblivion by the U.S., yet Japan became a major industrialized democracy a mere 40 years later thanks to us—her former American enemy. 

If you think we’ve been in Iraq too long—think again. Japan required military occupation by the U.S. for 7 years (without the Japanese carbombing utilities, city markets, police stations, or weddings every other day). We have been in Iraq only four years and our government is seriously considering a pull-out thanks to the 39% of us who simply changed our minds! 

Maybe we have really just lost our minds.

Where’s our resolve? Where’s our idealism? We must make the the WWII generation sick. Why can’t we see beyond the current violence and gas prices and envision a peaceful and stable Iraq 40 years from now? Other countries in the region are stable. The good people of Iraq are counting on us to help them fight for freedom from the jihadists. Or at least they were counting on us.

WE ARE AT WAR FOLKS. Wake up. Some of us need to grow up. It’s not pretty. It’s not easy. And it’s definitely not our choice! Unlike the Japanese, the jihadists have not surrendered! We can’t stop fighting yet. We have an important mission in Iraq. 

And don’t mistake me for a warmonger. I believe we should always seek peace and pursue it. I can’t help but get an enormous knot in my throat as I hold back the tears when reading or hearing about the death of another young American soldier or when I think about my own two family members who are serving in the U.S. military. One leaves next month for his second tour of duty in Iraq. 

All the men and women who serve or have served in our military are courageous.

But so are the innocent Iraqi men, women, and children who must deal with jihadist terror and sectarian violence every day. Let’s take responsibility for what is happening in Iraq by staying, fighting, strengthening, and stablizing the infant Iraqi government until she is ready to release us. And continue to pray for strength and wisdom for our leaders, military commanders, and troops in resolving this War. Pray for Iraq. May our ultimate decision honor our sacrifice and the good people of Iraq.       

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  1. mikeinmanila on

    War by its nature is filled with death and sacrifice – it is worst of humanity fighting over ideology and or economics or politics.

    But oftentimes what is lost on critics is that this enemy the world faces is not going to stop.

    We must understand the costs and know that defeat or pulling out is going to lead to more battles elsewhere. It is like fighting a wild fire – you cannot stop until it is put out – or be burned.

    This is a enemy so filled with hatred for America who is not going to be bought off by an armistance or truce or treaty. They will regroup – rebuild – and attack anew.

    This war, now onging is like the battles of old- a general clash of civilizations – ideals, beliefs – with no middle ground. This is not a ‘PC’ war – Political Correctness is for civilized debate – this is sucide bombers and terrorism vs. the world as it is now.

    And the only substitute for victory will be death of either side. Think about – read what they say – one has to know the enemy – or suffer the mistakes of those who think debate, discussion, and dialogue will see this end. Those who have tried to discuss and debate ended resting in pieces.

  2. […] to nominate conservative judges and justices to the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court.  I trust that McCain will continue to support the new government in Iraq until they can fight the rad….  I trust that McCain will continue to support policies that promote the sanctity of human life.  […]

  3. erinthelibertarian on

    I total get what you are saying.

    Its like Oil is the fuel of freedom.
    Freedom fuel! yes!

  4. Jay on


    Your sarcasm is not appreciated. Oil is nowhere mentioned in my post. You obviously care more about political posturing than peoples’ lives, especially the precious lives of the Iraqi women and the human rights at stake if jihadists win the day. What about that?

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