Bill Maher Blasts Regent Law School

I know Bill Maher is a political comedian and his whole life revolves around farts and giggles. But if Bill actually believes that Regent University’s School of Law is just a crazy little school where televangelist Pat Robertson (Yale Law Alumnus) leads in Bible reading and prayer all day long—he’s dead wrong. (For starters, founder Pat Robertson has never taught at Regent Law.)

Regent Law is an elite (in a good way) Christian law school. But in the world of law schools, Regent Law is very young and will never enjoy the status of an “Ivy League” school in our lifetime. A fourth-tier ranking isn’t necessarily bad it’s just where new law schools begin their ascent. The ranking criteria includes factors such as national legal reputation which makes a high score nearly impossible for Regent in that category compared to the reputations of 300 year old schools like Yale.  Don’t believe me? U.S. News & World Report will never tell you THIS

But Regent Law is an excellent law school:

—Regent Law has full recognition as an ABA accredited law school.

—Regent Law won the 2006 ABA National Moot Court Competition in Chicago, Illinois.

—Regent Law won the 2007 ABA National Negotiations Competition in Miami, Florida (succeeding ’06 winner Harvard Law).

—Regent Law accepts students of various political and religious persuasions and maintains policies of Biblical, Christian standards of conduct on campus.

—Regent Law’s admission standards continue to rise every year.

—Regent Law’s bar passage rate is currently above the 70% average of all law schools in Virginia. (UPDATE:  2007 Regent pass rate 83.3%)

—Many Regent Law professors hail from top-tier law schools including Yale, Harvard, Chicago, Virginia, Georgetown, etc. and several have held full partnership positions in prestigious law firms. 

—Regent Law Professors teach with traditional methods and law texts while recognizing Christian viewpoints in various legal issues and concepts.

—Regent Law enjoys a strong regional reputation in the mid-Atlantic states and is in (relatively) close proximity to the D.C. area and thereby retains natural political ties.

There are over one million attorneys in the United States today. About forty thousand new lawyers graduate and begin to practice law every year. Ten percent of all lawyers practice for some level of government. So why does Bill Maher zero in on 150 Regent Law graduates who have found federal government positions over the last decade? I’ll tell you why—Mr. funny man is an anti-Christian BIGOT. 

Bill Maher probably thinks all Christians, especially Christian conservatives “have sh-t for brains.” Well, it’s really not hard to see who has that problem after listening to a few of his jokes. So go ahead Bill, scorn your life away while Pat Robertson ministers to multi-millions of needy people around the world with Operation Blessing and the 700 Club and while Regent University sends out Christian leaders in law, faith, politics, psychology, entertainment, education, and business. After all Bill, you’re only good for a laugh.   

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  1. wytammic on

    Hi Jay,

    Excellent post — though the part of watching Bill Maher really stunk.

    I appreciate you posting the facts about Regent Law School. Actually, I’m impressed that so many Regent graduates are working for the Bush Administration. My biggest complaint about the President is that he doesn’t defend himself or expose the left for who they are. I truly believe they need to be exposed as the communists they are.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ve noticed that plenty of “conservatives” also bash Pat Robertson. Do you ever see the main stream media report on the doings of Operation Rescue? No, but I thought they cared for the poor? Of course they don’t care. Not to mention, they will gladly report when American Idol fund raises for organizations with heavy abortion ties such as UNICEF and Save the Children. The left’s answer to poverty is to murder the unborn. They really are not much when it comes to problem solving.

    Once again, thanks for the information.

    • djpostl on

      You are impressed by the fact a bunch of people who graduated from a law school whose graduates fail the bar 50% more often than other national schools students are working in the Bush admin? You should have been scared.

      With the benefit of hindsight for some (and foresight for many like me) it was clear that the rule of law had little to do with these appointments. It was pandering to the extreme religious right and and attempt to impose “Christian values” in places they have little or no business…policy & law.

      If I wanted to live in a land ruled by strict interpretation of scripture I’d live under the Taliban.

  2. Michael on

    I attended law school at Regent and graduated in 1996. I will put my education from Regent against any law school in the country. Bring it on folks.

  3. Neil on

    “The left’s answer to poverty is to murder the unborn.”

    You said it, Tammi! I can’t tell you how many times I hear – from Christians, no less – that abortion is ok because otherwise they might be poor.

  4. Alexander on

    Bill Maher has been on my friend’s and my prayer list for about 7 years now. What a wonderfdul thing for him to have an “awakening” and come to the Lord!


  5. Jay on


    I know that I employed rather sharp tones while exposing Maher’s blatant attempt to publicly discredit Regent’s fine Christian law school by twisting the facts, but in my heart I know he can’t help it. He needs the Lord, and I agree that it would be wonderful to see his life transformed by the saving grace and power of Jesus Christ.

    God bless.

  6. MOM of 3 on

    The left’s answer to poverty is to murder the unborn.”

    You said it, Tammi! I can’t tell you how many times I hear – from Christians, no less – that abortion is ok because otherwise they might be poor.

    YUP. Just get em here and forget about caring for them once they’re here. No health care once they’re here. Forget about education. Just build enough prisons to house them once they’re old enough.

  7. Jay on

    83.3 % Source:

    Spring/Summer 2007 Regent Remark:

    “This past February, Regent Law first time Virginia
    Bar takers continued to excel as they received a
    83.3% bar passage rate for the state of Virginia.
    Regent first time bar takers exceeded the 64.07%
    state examination passage rate for all first time
    takers and the 66.31% for all first time takers
    who received a J.D. from an ABA accredited law
    school. The achievement of these Regent Law
    graduates is a further testament to the success [of]
    programs and policies implemented by the law
    school back in 2000 to increase its bar passage

  8. John on

    I’m Harvard Law Class of ’95 and Regent U. Law school still sucks in my opinion regardless of it’s Christian affiliation. In Virginia, UVA law is tops followed by William & Mary, Washington & Lee, U. of Richmond, and George Mason U.

    If you’re going to spend that much to attend Regent, you might as well rethink it because that amount of money can get you into a top 25 law school–IF you can get in.

    • Yeah on

      Your ego sucks John. Too bad you have to be a minority to get into a top tier University like Harvard, unless of course you are a legacy.

  9. Jay on

    Thank you for your very humble “opinion” John.

  10. Sean T on

    he needs to Lord?

    jeebus, you people are just too much. Maher is clearly not interested in joining your cruade.

    Clearly the agenda at CBN University is to create Christian Theocracy in the US. Monica Goodling anyone?

    Um, deosnt such a theocratic regime essentially make us Iran?

  11. Spock on

    Regent University is a Christian fundamentalist fantasy land where revisionist history runs wild. There is a reason your school is the butt of jokes for all the real schools in this country and anyone who has ever attended one.

  12. Jay on

    “Where revisionist history runs wild?” You obviously don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

    Regent Law apparently teaches law students to be real attorneys. Maybe that’s why their law students seem to excel in the lawyering skills competitions and best teams from Harvard, etc.

    You’re just a hater–an anti-Christian faith bigot like Maher. Are you attacking schools like Brigham Young for honoring their Mormon faith, or Notre Dame for honoring their Catholic heritage, or Cardozo Law for their Jewish roots?

    Get a life. And why don’t you brush up on the First Amendment while you’re at it. Haters like yourself are an example why the Founders preserved the free exercise of religion for people of faith in the Constitution. But I suppose such details like the Constitution may not be covered in your “real” law school.

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