The Elephant in the Room

7 min. GOP debate clip 

I missed the Republican debate last night. (I also missed the earlier Democratic debate.) I don’t have cable or Direct TV right now. But I still have regular TV. And I’m upset that these debates aren’t recognized for the important opportunity that they are for both well-known and lesser-known candidates to unveil their ideas, vision, hopes and dreams to the American people. We claim to be this wonderful democracy, but we never talk about how broken the American democratic process really is. 

I bet that most regular folks tuned in to see the latest Grey’s Anatomy. (I didn’t have much of a choice.) Why aren’t these important debates broadcast across the major networks!? These presidential candidates’ ideas need to be and should be judged by the largest audience possible! It’s no wonder why we get the leaders that we get when American democracy is turned into a big waiting game to see who raises the most campaign money before we finally decide to figure out what they actually think and just hope for the best in the end. 

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  1. Jay on

    My lovely bride reminded me that Direct TV and Tivo would have resolved my initial pet peeve. Of course, she’s right. But I really do believe that much of the American voting public is generally un-informed and too apathetic for our own good when it comes to important political issues.

  2. Neil on

    I wish Fred Thompson would have been there! I like his positions on issues and especially his style.

  3. Jay on

    @ Neil,

    I don’t know much about Mr. Thompson (Law & Order?). I consider myself to be an independent voter. I’m mostly interested in Romney, Brownback and McCain though. I also like to listen to Paul and his Texas-style libertarian perspectives. My pro-life stance ultimately figures heavily in my vote, so I won’t likely be voting for a Democrat any time soon. I am also interested in candidates that will nominate US Supreme Court justices that will value the sanctity of human life and uphold religious liberty and free exercise of religion.

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