And the Winner is. . .

. . .Grey’s Anatomy by a landslide!?!?! With all the political talk shows and media hype surrounding a wide open race for the White House in ’08, one might assume that most Americans must be extremely interested in learning as much as possible about all the presidential candidates before the state primaries, etc. So I did a quick check of the debate numbers online for viewers in the 18-45 age demographic:

Democratic Debate: est. 2.26 MILLION VIEWERS

Republican Debate: est. 1.76 MILLION VIEWERS*

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy: est. 17.5 MILLION VIEWERS*

U.S. Voting-Eligible Population: est. 207 MILLION VOTERS

Like I’ve said before, we claim to be this wonderful democracy, but we never talk about how broken the American democratic process really is. Many Americans are very apathetic about politics, and it doesn’t help matters that the debates mentioned were only available to cable and Direct TV subscribers. I think there is a real information access problem, but maybe potential voters get their information other ways? I don’t know for sure, but the system seems broken sometimes. What do you think? 

*Same evening


5 comments so far

  1. frecklescassie on

    I watched the dem debate and then Grey’s Anatomy later. Never watched the repub debate.

  2. Jay on

    Thanks for stopping by. Who’s your favorite Dem?

  3. frecklescassie on

    Feingold 🙂

  4. totaltransformation on

    It is a huge problem. People would rather find out about who will be the next American Idol than the next American president.

  5. wytammic on

    Well … if the next president is a dem … I think we’d be better off with the next American Idol running the country 🙂

    Wish I could say just kidding — but I’m not

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