A Christian Conservative’s Take On Immigration

“The point of my article today is that the illegal immigrant infrastructure in this country is and has been a danger to national security and human life. These people do not pay taxes, they are a drain on the social welfare system, and they have these dangerous terrorists among them.” (A Fort Dix, N.J. related post.)

I don’t believe that U.S. immigration (illegal or not) has much to do with national security or terrorism. Historically, the U.S. has not had much terrorist-type trouble (that I can think of) with open borders in Canada or Mexico going back decades now. My point is this: people like Timothy McVey or anyone else who wishes America harm will always exploit any system to inflict terror. (Wasn’t Mr. McVey a full-fledged U.S. citizen?)

Anyway, the economic problems in the U.S. are hardly the result of immigration (illegal or not). Rather the welfare system, other government-funded social programs, and bad laws have caused the problem by artificially interfering with free market economics that would otherwise adjust to new and various population increases.

The best answer is to change the laws in such a way to allow for easier legal immigration and documentation and legal U.S. residency and/or citizenship, and thereby get such people paying taxes like the rest of us. The idea that the best fix is to “ship all them illegals back to where ever the Hell they came from” is rather cruel. That notion is practically racist. If one has ever spent any time with the good, yet comparatively poor people of Mexico for example, then one also understands the desperation with which they seek new lives in the U.S. (Just like our own ancestors before us.)

Immigration issues today have little to do with terrorism. How are a few crazys in N.J. any different from gang members in Chicago or L.A.? No amount of legislation will ever stop violence, and it is unfair to characterize “illegals” as being more likely to cause any more “terrorism” than anyone else.

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  1. JD on

    I completely agree with your assesment on the current debate over immigration. Most of these Mexican “illegals” aren’t bad people, and the way that some conservatives try to demonize these people makes me sick.

    For some people to call our immigration policy a “threat” shows a lack of knowledge and hints of racism. The Mexicans do not hate this country…in fact the opposite holds more truth. They want to integrate into our society and make a better life for their families. That is all. There is no plot to destroy our families and ruin our lives.

    These people are Christians and have the same belief system as many of you do. To compare them to a terrorist is sheer ignorance.

    It’s nice to see a thinking Christian conservative. Great Post.

  2. arclightzero on

    But there are other problems that need to be addressed beyond just the legal/illegal status and the ease of which people can become legal citizens.

    As I argued yesterday, there is a massive problem with immigrants – even legal immigrants – who don’t want to conform to the American culture. When most immigrants were from common areas with similar cultures (i.e. Europe) it wasn’t such a big problem and the melting pot mentality worked just fine. Eventually everybody adopted at least a similar culture and way of life with common values.

    What happens when new immigrants come from cultures that are nowhere near ours in terms of values? Like my argument from yesterday, Somalians may be legal immigrants, but they are not assimilating and it’s affecting other citizens now. They don’t have the same values when it comes to things like women and police, so when they see a rape they ignore it, since it’s the man’s business anyway.

    I’m not saying we should do away with immigration or that we should kick out all of our illegals. But there are things we do need to do, otherwise we’re going to find ourselves in deep trouble for letting problems fester too long. It’s already going to be difficult to address and fix some of these problems. How do you convince Somalians that they need to respect women and that they can’t allow a woman to be raped in public? It’s a dangerous corner we’ve worked our way in to.

  3. Shawn Beaty on

    Most Christians do not go to their Bible on this issue. They turn to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. When we read the Old Testament we see that the alien was to be treated in the same respect as the orphan and widow. Unfortunately we have also brought into the church a nationalistic theology that is not at all consistent with the New or Old Testament. Last time I read Phillipians, I was a citizen of Heaven before I was an American… A citizen of the Kingdom of God over any other people group. I believe it was Peter who told Christ followers that we were strangers and aliens in this world.

    [Jay: Thank you for those words. I tend to agree with your thoughts exactly.]

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