Who is Fred Thompson?


And why do some Republican types like him so much?  Why is Fred Thompson as popular as he is?  Is it because he’s an actor on television?  Have these supporters noticed that he is not running for president? 

He would appear to be “a day late and a dollar short” on the ol’ campaign trail, if he wants to be taken seriously.  (Same goes for Newt for that matter.)  Surprisingly, nearly thirty percent of potential GOP voters polled in Nevada thought they understood Thompson’s healthcare plan–which doesn’t even exist.  (Or maybe that IS what they understood?) 

The attention Fred is receiving, including people making up facts about how well they know him is remarkable.   What kind of experience would he bring to the table that the other GOP candidates just don’t have?  And the bigger question: Can he beat Hillary? 

UPDATE: Thompson has formally declared himself a presidential candidate. 09-05-2007


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  1. totaltransformation on

    I support him because I haven’t seen a candidate yet with a stronger position on federalism and a more consistent view of the Constitution. He has quite a lot of articles over on townhall.com.

  2. Jay on

    Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

    Does it bother you that he hasn’t yet thrown his hat into the ring?

  3. totaltransformation on

    I don’t mind that so much. The field is so cluttered at this point it is ridiculous. The election season starts FAR too early. I think he is waiting for a few more of the third tier candidates to drop out before he announces.

  4. washedandforgiven on

    He could possibly beat Hillary. He would certainly stand a better chance than Guliani, who wouldn’t attract enough conservatives (myself included, possibly), or Romney, who Clinton’s cronies would eat alive for his wishy-washiness) I like him a lot, though not as much as Huckabee.

  5. Jay on


    I like Romney, but he does seem to pander. I think Giuliani would end up forcing a 3rd pro-life party. McCain has the best experience and leadership potential, but lacks enthusiasm. I think Ron Paul tends to have Constitutional sensibility. I just don’t know what to think about Thompson yet.

  6. geocachiker on

    Hubby and I both like him. We certainly need someone in the white house that is not going to continue the trend we have going now. The middle class and poor are barely surviving while Bush’s cronies are getting fatter!!

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