Pro-Life Inconsistency?

“If one is prosecuting abortion providers, then, it would seem that in fairness, women should not enjoy an exemption from such prosecution.”

Who Wants to Imprison Pregnant Women For Having Abortions?: Not Necessarily the Pro-Life Community, By SHERRY F. COLB

It seems that Ms. Colb, a pro-choice advocate, is willing to “up the ante” of the pro-life movement in calling for us to advocate criminal laws against women (not just doctors) if we truly believe abortion should be generally illegal.  While that may be consistent in some circumstances, I rather believe that indeed most women are victimized by abortion providers and the deceptions of the pro-choice movement.  But don’t tell the pro-choice feminists that because it just patronizes women.  

What do you think?

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  1. theobromophile on

    ::Bangs head against desk::

    I took on a bunch of pro-abortionists a few weeks back over this issue. I’m with Queen of Swords now, though: fine, let’s imprison the women, if it will get pro-choicers to shut up about it.

    Thing is, homicides are not alike. We imprison people based upon their reasons for doing so, how they do it, and attitude towards the killing – their mens rea. None of those things are consistent across pregnancy. You have crazy women like Amy Richards, who probably should be in jail, and women whose lives are not in danger but face paralysis, or women whose babies will never survive delivery.

    Thing is, with pregnancy, you always some implication of bodily integrity. The abortionist isn’t the one with morning sickness, diabetes, or any of that stuff, so he doesn’t get a pass. You don’t have the moral or legal right to kill someone who will harm you but distinctly not kill you: you cannot meet non-lethal force with lethal force. There should, at least, be reduced sentences for women to acknowledge the effect of pregnany on their bodies.

    Look for my next “Debunking” myth; Prof. Colb’s column is ripe for it.

  2. washedandforgiven on

    The ones we really should be jailing are those who force this reprehensible practice upon the rest of us… the ones who want us to pay for it, sanction it, and not protest against it. The ones who actually perform the murder should be jailed. We need to jail those who promote lifestyles that are irresponsible and lead young women along to thinking that they can behave how they want without responsibility, and young men the same. And in reality, many of the women who have abortions are fooled into thinking they have no choice or pressured into it in a desperate time in their lives.

  3. washedandforgiven on

    Frankly, this argument makes me sick. It’s merely making a sick, rhetorical point that means nothing.

  4. totaltransformation on

    Seems obvious to me that if abortions were illegal there would be a rather HUGE drop in the number of women tying to obtain them. The legislation would have the significant effect of making BOTH men and women realize that no longer could they simply abort the product of their carelessness. As far as prosecuting those who still sought illegal abortions, it would depend on their age, the age of the fetus, their reasons, etc.

  5. totaltransformation on

    Hey Old Ford, just taking some time to pimp my blog. I think you’ll like my latest post on Conspiracy theories. 🙂 Enjoy.

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