Candidate Thompson Hints at VP?


Holding fast to tradition, Fred Thompson waited until after the Labor Day weekend to announce that he is running for President of the United States.  He looked healthy and confident in his guest appearance on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he made his bid for the White House.  Thompson said that he doesn’t much care for the current 30 second soundbite debate formats, and noted that other presidential candidates have begun campaigning much earlier than normal.  He also said that it is important to stay in Iraq until the job is finished and reminded viewers that the world would be even more dangerous if the U.S. had not stepped in to remove Saddam Hussein.

One comment in particular stuck out in my mind. Thompson referenced or quoted something that Newt Gingrich told him. I don’t remember the comment, but the fact that Thompson mentioned Newt’s name in that particular setting in front of a national audience got me thinking. Was it a passing reference to an old friend, or was it a foreshadowing of a things to come? 

Fred & Newt ’08? 

fredthompson.jpg newt2.jpg 


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