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  1. Jay on

    McCain a Flip Flopper?

    The flip flopper video’s statements are likely out of context and attempt to confuse important issues:

    – The initial invasion of Iraq against the Iraqi Army was extremely easy, but it’s obvious that maintaining security in Iraq has been difficult. If that’s what McCain meant, that’s not a flip flop.

    – Many people do find the Confederate flag offensive, but when McCain said he personally views it as a symbol of southern heritage, that’s not a flip-flop.

    – “Neither party should be DEFINED by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics…” McCain’s statement is no less true simply because he acknowledges conservative religious leaders or because he participated in a graduation ceremony. That hardly DEFINES him, the Republican Party, or American politics. He meets with many other groups and personalities as well. Flip flop? Nope.

    – “Gay Marriage” This particular issue is confusing to lots of people. McCain was trying to keep the terminology straight. “Marriage” is defined as a legal union between one man and one woman. Can gay people marry? Of course! A gay or straight man can marry a gay or straight woman. No problem! But two men or two women cannot marry each other by definition whether gay or straight. What McCain tries to clarify is that the definition of marriage should not change, but that other civil unions for same sex couples may be appropriate. That’s not even close to being a flip flop. Marriage and civil unions are two very different things.

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