The Fine Art of Responding to Hecklers

In case you were wondering, I’m not a McCain spammer.  I just really like him lately.  I’ve been too busy to sit down and compose posts on the other things I want to talk about lately.  There’s a considerable backlog of drafts in my dashboard and in my mind.  Where does the time go?  I just thought the video above was great!  And it was a quick and easy post.  Have agood day. 

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  1. azamatterofact on


    As I have said…McCain kept talking and I kept listening. I agree this was a great retort to the “Choose to Lose” crowd.

    BTW…thanks for the comment over at blogs4McCain.

    I see that you have an invitation in your side bar to people to join the McCain Campaign. If you would be interested in joining “Straight Talkin’ Bloggers for McCain” blog roll and add it to your site(Hopefully you saw it at blogs4McCain) go back there, click on the icon and get the cose and instructions. Of course you can go to the original source at as well. We would love to have you join.

  2. Matthew on

    I do agree McCain has shown himself to be very supportive of the war on terror, his positions on campaign finance and “working” with the leftist powers in Washington, and his positions on social issues are far from good for America.

    He does not strike me as a man of principle or conviction in many areas.

  3. Jay on


    I know you have some thoughtful things to say, so just say them. As it stands I’m not quite sure if you think campaign laws are great as is (or as they were), that Democrats should be ignored completely, or if McCain’s pro-life record is also lumped into your “social issues” sentiment. I’m not baiting you. Just speak your mind and clarify your position for everyone who might come across your comment please. What candidate do you think better represents your position?

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