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Do you want your underage children earning free condoms on Facebook, once a creative networking site for students and alumni of Ivy League schools, is quickly degenerating into a sloppy, ad-filled Myspace cultural polluter.  This past year, changes were made that allow almost anyone to create a personal profile including kids in junior high and high school.  (More members = more advertising dollars for the people at Facebook.) 

So the question is, “Do the parents of these kids realize that Facebook is succumbing to advertising dollars with gimmicks such as free condoms?”  While the advertisers would attempt to hide behind their “safe” sex mantra, the reality is that they are just promoting MORE sex among teenagers.  And that gives a whole new meaning to social networking.

FYI Update:  “[T]een abstinence as a ‘significant and independent predictor of academic success,’ [is] associated with a 40 percent lower rate of highschool expulsion, a 50 percent lower rate of dropping out of high school, a 70 percent increase in the probability of attending or graduating from college, and a 66 percent increase in college graduation.”

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  1. arclightzero on

    it’s pretty sad that a site like Facebook can’t resist the temptation to degrade themselves to this level. I left the MySpace community because of what it became and went to Facebook because it was a much more “mature” social networking environment that allowed me to keep up with my old school and Navy buddies. But sadly it has degraded into cute little apps that allow you to send hugs and kisses, kids and condoms. It would be nice to see just one site keep it together and not lower themselves to meet the lowest common denominator.

    I second that. –Jay

  2. washedandforgiven on

    I stayed away from myspace and xanga because of those reasons… and some of the apps I’m seeing my friends get on facebook are depressing. I suppose I’ll stick with it though, so long as they don’t force me to use the objectionable apps…

  3. kschaub on

    Facebook probably could’ve enhanced their site without opening it to outside advertising, but they’re in it for the money. The applications make Facebook sloppy, unless you’re a minimalist like many are on wordpress. But users can’t do much about the advertising. That certainly makes it necessary for parents to know about what their children are looking at, and what to keep them from.

    By the way, thanks for taking a look at my site. I hope to see you around in the future.

  4. Misc on

    Hi All,

    I was browsing sites like this and found that many people grow depressed while viewing sites like Facebook and MySpace. I find this interesting because they note that they feel that the people they view tend to lead healthy, productive, happy lives; this mood is conveyed in various photos and profile status.

    One interesting note: As a family guy, I noticed that many friends that I have vary porportionately; people with the most friends seem like they are outcasts and need as many friends as they can achieve; healthy individuals seem to have a minimum (or what is deemed by online social sites) of a few friends. Perhaps the people with the minimum amount of friends actually speak, talk, communicate, and interact with people that they have as friends. Others with a large amount of friends seem to add whoever they can; they add Gus the garbage man since they have a subtle social interaction.

    Some observations: Those who have myriad friends online tend to make time to appease and find them. Those who lead busy lives tend to focus on true friendships that exist in reality and juggle work, school, or other busy lives. Don’t beat yourselves up because you view others as having a great number of friends and productive, happy lives. Two facts are known: people have problems in life and we are all human. These people are the same as you or I; not everyone is going to vent their woes online nor proclaim them online. Of course you view peoples profiles as normal, happy, or ideal. Many people wouldn’t post or advertise negatives of their lives.

    Another fun fact: MySpace and Facebook are another venue of media that teaches people that they should live and prosper based on everyone else; the norm. A paradoxial observation is that many that follow this false lead are indeed unhappy; they front and act in a regard which appeases the general public. Many that deviate and find hapiness for themselves experience a true happiness that many will overlook or never experience at all. An example: When your first child is born, do you feel happiness when they are in your arms for the first time, or when they are in a photograph of them in your arms that is posted on MySpace for the first time?

  5. Jay on

    Thanks for posting. When it comes to Facebook “keep your true friends and family close and keep your enemies blocked.”

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