Rush Limbaugh: The Irrelevant Conservative

As a young conservative years ago while listening to Rush Limbaugh one day,  it dawned on me that Rush Limbaugh with all his potential influence and self-claimed solid  “conservative viewpoints” has never put forth any ideas of his own to be tested and tried in the public arena.  In fact, I came to the realization that his whole career is aimed at hyping people up, tearing other people down that he personally dislikes, and generally making sure that the ratings for his radio network and program don’t slip.  He’s the leader of the anti-Clinton bandwagon.  I get that.  But if this guy really knows anything (as he seems to have all the answers or at least easily spots every bad one), why doesn’t he run for office?  Why doesn’t he stick his neck out there in the political arena and put it all on the line like a real candidate?

A: Rush doesn’t have any answers.  He is simply a loud critic.   

Interestingly enough, Rush’s Missouri lineage is steeped with close relatives who are or were attorneys and public servants.  One relative is a current Missouri Supreme Court justice, and another one is a Federal District Court judge in the Western District of Missouri.  So, what about Rush?  After two semesters and one summer of college, he dropped out. 

So now we have this seemingly popular “conservative” radio talk show host, telling everyone who will listen what it means to be truly conservative. 

But how does he know?  Well, he obviously doesn’t. 

Rush Limbaugh is absolutley irrelevant.  And the proof is when he throws his support behind someone like Fred Thompson claiming that Thompson is the only true conservative and basically that he is what the Republican Party needs.  Give me a break.  The OVERWHELMING majority of conservatives in the primaries and caucuses thus far clearly did not want someone like Thompson.  And even more embarrassing for Rush was the fact that he was dancing on the political grave of Hillary Clinton the night she came in third place in the Iowa Caucuses claiming that it “was a devastating and humiliating loss for Hillary Clinton” and mused that she may be done.  Who is Rush kidding?  There is so much more to being a thoughtful, independent conservative than Rush’s ideologically-driven version of hating the Clintons, or hating Democrats in general and all their ideas,  hating illegal immigrants, and dismissing any other conservatives with whom he might disagree. 

And being a self-described Reagan Conservative, Rush continually bashes McCain for his proposed immigration reform (which is not amnesty) all the while ignoring the fact that Reagan actually gave illegal immigrants real, no penalties, amnesty!!!   Republicans generally pride themselves in promoting various issues and conservative viewpoints that are grounded in realism, but Rush is obviously grounded in something else.     


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  1. washedandforgiven on

    I bought into Rush for a long time. But this election cycle has been revealing. He started out saying that he wasn’t going to support a candidate, and then implicitly endorsed Fred. He took things that Huckabee’s supporters said personally and has made it his personal mission to tear down Huckabee, all while making it look like he’s some sort of victim. I no longer listen to Rush Limbaugh.

  2. Jon on

    I stopped listening to Rush in the 1990s, pretty early on after he came on the air, when he started making fun of homeless people (he had some sort of “homeless person” song he played). Say what you want about a person out on the streets, but don’t kick them when they’re down just by making light of them. Unfortunately, because of the deregulation of the radio industry (a Clinton era accomplishment), at around 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, Rush’s show is one of the few things available to listen to on the a.m. dial in my town (he’s on like six stations here at once), so when I was with an a.m. radio only, in the car, for a few years, my choice if I went on an errand at lunch was to listen to him, listen to some other worse show, or turn it off. He’s loud, obnoxious, and entertaining, all of which would be fine if just around for yucks, but the scary–and galling–thing to me is that many people take him seriously and believe virtually anything he says.

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