NARAL and Other Conservatives Don’t Like McCain

NARAL president Nancy Keenan emailed her supporters early on Wednesday asking for money for a campaign to begin bashing John McCain for his pro-life voting record on abortion. She didn’t waste any time in launching the attack as, later in the day, NARAL issued a press release blasting the possible Republican nominee.

Keenan said she’s worried that some people on the conservative side who disagree with McCain on other political issues will make it appear to some voters that he’s not “extreme in his opposition” to abortion.

John McCain has a 25-year record of voting against women’s freedom and privacy, and he has even gone so far as to call for the overturn of Roe v. Wade,” Keenan said.McCain served in the U.S. House for from 1983 to 1986 and in the U.S. Senate since 1987. During that time, Keenan said her organization has given him only a 4 percent pro-abortion voting record — including a rating of 0 from 2002 through 2007.

According to NARAL, McCain has voted pro-life 123 times out of 128 votes, for a 96 percent pro-life voting record.Keenan said McCain has a “documented record of hostility toward” abortion and that, on pro-life issues, “McCain is neither a moderate nor a maverick.”

“As we move toward the general election, NARAL Pro-Choice America will make sure that voters, especially pro-choice Independent and Republican women, know the truth about Sen. McCain,” Keenan promised.

Despite her criticism, McCain has said he’s proud of his pro-life voting record when it comes to abortion issues.

“I have many, many votes and it’s been consistent. And I’ve got a consistent zero from NARAL throughout all those years,” he told National Review in March 2007.

“And I think the important thing is you look at people’s voting record because sometimes rhetoric can be a little… misleading,” he added.

Washington, DC (

by Steven Ertelt Editor February 7, 2008 

 Strange bedfellows indeed. –Jay

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  1. Neil on

    That is encouraging! If NARAL doesn’t like him, maybe I should.

  2. […] — GMH If NARAL dislikes John McCain, maybe conservatives shouldn’t.  From Jay at Old Ford Road (via the original article by Steve Ertelt). NARAL president Nancy Keenan emailed her supporters […]

  3. shua nedy on

    yeah on their website they call him “solidly anti-choice”!

    so Limbaugh says there’s no difference between McCain and Clinton and Obama.

    then why do Clinton and Obama get 100% from NARAL every year?

  4. Brad on


    I just wanted to let you know I posted excerpts of your post with links back to Old Ford Road.

    I invite you to stop by for a visit and if interested please click on the Join The Blogroll link in the top Navigation Bar.

    If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me at bmars90 (at)


    Brad Marston

  5. […] to support the new government in Iraq until they can fight the radical jihadists without us.  I trust that McCain will continue to support policies that promote the sanctity of human life.  I trust that McCain will continue to fight wasteful spending in government and fight for lower […]

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