McCain’s Keys to Victory


Last night it was surreal to see my favorite presidential candidate effectively win the GOP nomination.  Last summer this maverick candidate was left for dead on the campaign trail, but I think that’s one of the qualities I can’t help but love about McCain–he’s a fighter. 

If you’re like me, I’m generally disgusted with politics.  I don’t much care for the “Republican” or “Democrat” labels and the folks who would rather wrangle over power than actually work together.  I think McCain might feel the same way.  I’m interested in seeing the people we elect get things done!!!  (Even if it means both sides have to compromise a little on something.)

You know, some things never change.  The Federalists arguing for the passage of the U.S. Constitution claimed that it was sufficient in and of itself as drafted.  The Anti-Federalists at the time didn’t want a strong national government at all and they refuted the bold assertions of the Federalists and demanded that a Bill of Rights to be added for greater protections to the citizenry.  Well, guess what?  Without a little give from both political parties, we might not have a U.S. Constitution or a Bill of Rights today!

That’s why I trust McCain to get things done! 

If you want “CHANGE” in Washington D.C., who better than the guy who has consistently worked to bring both sides together on important issues!?  I trust that McCain will continue to work to secure the nation’s borders without infringing on human rightsI trust that McCain will continue to work to nominate conservative judges and justices to the Federal Courts and the Supreme CourtI trust that McCain will continue to support the new government in Iraq until they can fight the radical jihadists without usI trust that McCain will continue to support policies that promote the sanctity of human life.  I trust that McCain will continue to fight wasteful spending in government and fight for lower taxes.  And I’d much rather get 80% of all of that for example, than nothing at all.

So what must McCain do to win the presidency?  First, I think he needs to be faithful to the convictions that got him this far.  But second, his vice presidential running mate will make or break his campaign.  I really don’t think Romney or Huckabee will do either.  It’s not McCain’s style and I think either of those two will impede momentum.  It would be in McCain’s best interest to steal some more “change” thunder from the Democrats, i.e. select a woman and/or a minority as a conservative running mate!!!


Condoleezza Rice anyone?  You’ve got to admit, McCain and Rice compliment each other very well!  She has lots of foreign affairs experience as Secretary of State and understands international security issues inside and out.  She actually has REAL national and international U.S. policy experience (unlike another lady running for office who shall remain nameless).  But why give any voter the dumb excuse to vote for someone simply because a candidate is the first “fill-in-the-blank”?  McCain can make that a non-issue by doing essentially the same thing, but with a conservative running mate!  Both parties and voters will then have to re-focus on the real issues at stake! 

Or how about Collin Powell as a VP pick for many of the same reasons?


Or how about former Congressman J.C. Watts as a VP pick for a younger, vibrant midwestern conservative?  (Great thought Neil!)


I’m sure there are many more excellent choices, but whoever McCain ultimately asks to join the ticket–his choice is absolutely critical. 




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  1. Neil on

    How about J.C. Watts?

  2. Jay on

    Great thought! I remember he was quite popular in the House of Representatives.

  3. washedandforgiven on

    J.C. Watts would be an excellent choice for the running mate. I know Rice has said there’s no way she’s running, and I would be uncomfortable because she’s not completely conservative in some areas. But I know a choice like Watts would probably persuade a lot of Huckabee supporters (not myself, I’m voting for McCain anyways, but as a member of, there are a lot of people who swear they won’t vote for McCain, sadly).

  4. Mr. Cheeseburger 9000 on

    JC Watts would definitely be one way to galvanize the conservative base. But by doing so, would McCain alienate the moderates?

    And, while we’re talking about “change” thunder from the Democrats, why not Alan Keyes?

  5. Jay @ Old Ford Road on

    Like Ann Coulter for example, I think Alan Keyes is too polarizing. McCain needs someone to bring voters together.

  6. washedandforgiven on

    If you’ve ever seen Alan Keyes talk… well, he acts crazy. Literally loco… that would bury McCain’s chances.

  7. Mr. Cheeseburger 9000 on

    washed: you’re right. I did see him talk in the late 90s. He seemed okay then but his antics have took a turn for the “strange.” But his ideas have certainly galvanized some conservatives. It certainly has a populist strain to it. I guess, in the end, there’s a fine line to walk between reaching out to your base and reaching out to your base at the expense of everyone else.

  8. Abdullahi on

    I think that John McCain will have to quit the election Campaign, coz the time is over and he is not capable of running this year’s election, so acknowledging his weakness will be the best way to succeed his time, the time is really very important to calculate and don’t be so foolish to do something that is inappropriate to gain for nothing, and I am urging John McCain to go back his home and take a long rest as well as take his pension funds, coz he is too old to become a president of United States Of America.

    Well I’m glad that you are too young to vote “abdullahi_ali098”. But you might be the first 10-year-old to leave a comment and thanks for stopping by.

  9. Michael on

    Comment deleted for profanity and complete lack of substance. After the hangover wears off you won’t remember what you posted at 2:09 AM anyway “Michael”. –Jay

  10. Neil on

    How eloquent. What a classy and accurate representation of liberal politics.

    Yeah, I’m wondering why liberals are so worried—they are ahead in the polls…

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