Think Healthcare is Expensive?

Wait until it’s free…

Despite all that, the Democrats’ plan probably beats McCain’s if you’re scoring on political viability. Their program doesn’t involve anything that smacks of a cut in benefits, and it’s just easier to win with largesse.

But on economic merits, McCain wins. For all its problems, at least it puts the consumer in charge. Would that create a world where we’re forced to dicker with heart surgeons? No. It will create a world where health care is treated as the precious resource that it is, rather than a costless entitlement; where nationwide competition pushes down the price of catastrophic care and consumers focus their attention and budgets on what’s really crucial to their health. That’s an important first step. The price of health care is never going to get under control until patients get what they deserve: the right to be customers too. [emphasis mine]


FYI: Obama’s Plan

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  1. jposty on

    I would urge to take a closer look at Dr. Paul healthcare plan… it essentially cuts all government healthcare and through several bits of legislation drastically changes the way the doctor, patient and insurance agent interact.

    It would be designed to give a patient direct control over who they use as a doctor rather than who their insurance provider says they can.

    I mean… he is a doctor and if anyone is qualified to legislate in the medical field i would venture to guess a politician MD would be our best bet.


  2. Jay on

    Might you provide a link to Dr. Paul’s healthcare plan?

  3. jposty on

    Here is a fairly brief over view of his proposed policy. (Several of these positions have been introduced as HR Bills by himself and with some of his like minded colleagues)

    Also… Ive done some additional research and govtracked all of his proposed economic stimulus plans as well. (in case you are interested).


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