Is Wright Right?

Soundbytes are not usually fair representations of significant issues and always inappropriate when used out of context.  He who has ears to hear, let him hear what these two pastors are saying: 

followed by this…

Now that you’ve heard more from these pulpits, does that change your perspective?  One is Obama’s pastor.  One is McCain’s spiritual advisor.  If only Obama would change his position on abortion, then he would at least be consistent with the overall message given by these ministers.  I’ve got to admit, that while I feel very blessed to be an American, I also don’t always feel that America deserves God’s blessing.  I think most people can understand that distinction.  After watching these longer clips, I’m reminded of the necessity for prayer on my knees, “God save America.”  

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  1. GMH on

    The first video shows a black pastor attacking white America and making an argument for black liberation theology (as well as ridiculous statements about the Supreme Court stealing the 2004 election).

    The second video shows a white pastor advocating action to protect the lives of unborn African-Americans.

    These two clips do nothing except show a clear difference between Wright’s anti-white/anti-American hate-speech and Parsley’s love for the African-American community.

  2. Jay on

    Again, I would be most hesitant to label Wright’s words as “anti-white/anti-American hate speech.” I reviewed the clip again after reading your comments and I rather feel Wright’s overall point is that fallen government (not limited to whites) always fails and that hope is found in the unchanging God.

    Sure, I don’t necessarily agree with Wright. For one thing, since Lincoln, it’s been Republicans who have most helped the African American community. I think it’s dangerous liberal social policy and social engineering that continues to destroy the African American community (especially through abortion, but that’s another post).

    But much of what Wright said bears obvious truth: slavery, segregation, legal discrimination — all happened to African Americans in our nation. His closing words: “America has failed the vast majority of her citizen’s of African descent.” That’s tough to argue against.

    I just don’t hold it against someone for pointing out that this country failed to honor its own promise in the Declaration of Independence. America continues to kill 3,000 innocent people every day through legalized abortion. We’ve made great strides as a nation, but there’s more work to be done.

  3. Jay on

    Here’s Pat Buchanan’s take, and I quote:

    “Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.”

    More @

    Whatever your point of view, race has definitley become an issue in this election.

  4. philwynk on

    Several comments:

    1) I’ve seen no indication that Rod Parsley is John McCain’s spiritual advisor. That’s just incorrect, as far as I can tell.

    2) Two theological points of view expressed in Wright’s talk have been heard in public before:

    A) “Governments change, but God does not change.” This is precisely what Gov. Mike Huckabee said in that interview for which the press tore him apart.

    B) “God damns American for the way it’s treated certain citizens.” This is precisely what Jerry Falwell said about 9/11, Katrina, and other calamities, for which the press tore him apart.

    Interesting that you think this sort of theology makes Rev Wright more palatable. Double standard, perhaps?

    3) Do you really think Rev Wright sounds less controversial given the whole context than he does out of context? Not to me, he doesn’t. The claim that the government engaged in slaving (it didn’t), that enslavement is the long-term legacy of the whole nation (it isn’t), that the 2000 election was stolen (it wasn’t), that blacks had an “intelligent advocate” in the White House (they didn’t), and on and on… this guy is a MOONBAT.

    4) What, precisely, did you find objectionable in Parsley’s message? It sounded pretty astute to me, apart from the loud preaching/expensive TV ministry thing.

  5. Jay on

    Thanks for the thoughts Phil,

    I’m trying to suggest that these two clips are very similar in that these ministers are preaching with righteous anger—albeit from two perspectives: one Christian liberal, one Christian conservative, but both seeking to better the African American community. I believe Wright is horribly misguided, but he’s not nearly as offensive in the context of his larger message which the media does not show. And I find absolutely nothing wrong with Parsley’s message.

    I agree that the mass media generally has a double standard that typically holds conservatives to the fire with soundbytes, so it’s interesting to see Wright go through the same thing. And the more I look into liberation theology and Wright’s views, the more I tend to think Obama really does have very serious political problems ahead. But Obama is a formidable opponent, and McCain has his work cut out for him.

  6. Jay on

    Update: Obama May Favor Federal Reparations for Families of Former Slaves because of Jeremiah Wright’s views. LINK

    I have to ask those who favor reparations, why freedom is not enough?

  7. philwynk on


    You may want to ask those who favor reparations how much of those reparations they’re willing to hand back to the descendants of the 400,000 white men who died freeing them.

  8. Jay on


    Thank you for that very important thought. Anyone with the reparation mindset should never forget the sacrifce of American families from all types of backgrounds and ethnicities who fought and died to end slavery in the United States. The entitlement folks would do well to show more gratitute than attitude.

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