Obama Propaganda?


Along with Obama’s empty and evasive rhetoric, is a sign of the banality and superficiality of his campaign, its rootedness in image, advertising, manipulation, extensive promises, and a very thin record. It’s one more rung on America’s descent from republic into unrestrained mobocracy.  — Obamamania @ Man-Sized Target

America needs a real champion.

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  1. Jay on

    Does anyone else think these images are creepy? They appear almost faux-American, i.e. red, white, blue, stars, and stripes — but no American flag.

  2. Paul on

    The Obama campaign is all about image because that is the central force driving his campaign. He is the image of change to the American people….whether or not he actually provides good change is the question. (i.e. He doesn’t look like any former presidents, so he must be different) I have no doubt he will radically change things if elected, but he has sought to make himself more of an icon than a real person through his message of hope, progress, etcetera without elaborating on solutions. His campaign is drawing on the iconography of Che and the communist movement in Latin America.


  3. thepoliticalpost on

    Yes, there is something creepy about the images (especially the bottom three). As Paul pointed out, they are of the type used by Che and the Marxist/Communist crowd.

    Add to that, Obama’s choice of a church and a pastor/mentor who subscribe to Black Liberation Theology, friendly enough relations with former Weather Underground members/terrorists, etc.

    I would suspect that a vast majority of American’s, at this point, don’t realize how comfortable Obama seems to be with radical far-leftists.

    Obama, I think, is a man wearing a mask in order to hide his true worldview. His mentor and wife, however, offer occasional glimpses at what might be underneath it.

  4. Jay on

    In case you missed it, Obama has decided to re-create the Presidential Seal to further boost his own ego: http://conservemus.com/2008/06/21/obamas-new-presidential-seal-likely-illegal/

    Obama will undoubtedly work to create America in his own image, and we have only seen the small beginnings of his remarkable arrogance.

  5. Rose on

    When Obama Wins the Presidency….and he will, that will be the beginning of a long and arduous time for Americans and that is saying it mildly. If one chooses to look at what is really going on you need to prepare yourself for the race wars that will happen. Not to say that Obama will be for race wars but some people will think that they have the upper hand and new liberties so they can turn tables on what they think has been happening to them for 250 years. Be afraid…. be very afraid….and that is only a miniscule part of the ugliness to come to America….but of course this is only my opinion and I still have the freedom to have a voice!

  6. Jay @ OFR on

    First, I don’t think Obama has this election wrapped up. Second, the fear-mongering about race wars (assuming an Obama presidency) is ridiculous.

    This election has almost nothing to do with race, especially the way you perceive it. It’s about old liberal and socialist idealism vs. moderate American conservatism (plus the War in Iraq).

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