The Memory of a Donkey?

Hillary in Bosnia spoof: This has to be one of the funniest political videos I’ve seen this election cycle.

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  1. Neil on

    Thanks for the laughs. Hard to say which is worse, her lies, the lies about the lies, or that even if they were true that they would be irrelevant to the foreign policy experience issue (unless, of course, her claim is that Sinbad is also a foreign policy expert).

  2. […] -This video proves that Hillary’s account of what transpired in Bosnia WAS accurate. […]

  3. matthew on

    Wow… that is hillarious

  4. […] Jay at OldFordRoad, he calls it the funniest political video this […]

  5. Jay on

    I’m always up for a good laugh. Glad you guys liked it too.

  6. Alexander on

    What a brave, brave soul!

  7. mrpinkeyes on

    Now that was funny. Thanks.

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