Associate Justice Hillary Rodham Clinton


As Barack Obama slowly but surely takes a definitive lead in the Democratic primary, there’s another option he could pursue to put opponent Hillary Clinton on his team as she gamely continues her seeming losing battle for the presidential nomination.

“It’s likely that the next president will face at least one Supreme Court vacancy,” a Washington Post guest writer points out in a much-read opinion piece today. “Obama should promise Hillary Clinton, now, that if he wins in November, the vacancy will be hers, making her first on a list of one.”

Even if Obama could persuade Clinton to accept a second-place position on a joint ticket, she would be a significant addition to the Supreme Court because of her intelligence, tenacity and expected liberal viewpoint, especially compared to some of the court’s sitting justices, according to James Andrew Miller, who served as an aide to former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker Jr., a Republican.

“President Obama would engender praise (at least from Democrats) at the prospect of Hillary going toe to toe with Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito,” Miller writes. “Clinton’s gumption and determination might make her one of the most powerful forces ever on the court, particularly when it comes to swaying other justices when the court is closely divided.”

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From Me: “Yikes!”  But I seriously doubt it would ever happen for any number of reasons.

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  1. straightrecord on

    it’s not going to happen. check the background of who’s on the court and who’s been on the court. not since taft has anyone who has risen so high in politics been satisfied with taking a job that would bore them to an early death.

  2. Neil on

    Yikes! That’s a scary thought. Though after she brought up the assassination thing today I’m hoping that she is really, really through. Hopefully Obama wouldn’t consider her for VP, the SC or even dog catcher.

  3. totaltransformation on

    It might happen straight record. After all, she could portray herself as taking one for the team- the team being the pro-choice movement.

  4. straightrecord on

    remember, an appointment to the u.s. supreme court is for life (unless, of course, the justice chooses to retire). if you are steeped in the constitution, and given to long hours arguing arcane legal terms, being a supreme court justice can be an assignment in hell. believe me, someone like hillary clinton has only so much to give to her party, and serving on the court ain’t part of it.

  5. totaltransformation on

    Straight, it isn’t a life sentence- as you said one is free to retire. Just as Sandra Day O’Connor did when she retired several years ago to care for her ailing husband. She could easily spend a decade of so on the court and wait until a Democratic administration could replace her. It would be a win-win situation as she could create a legacy on the court and exit at a time of her choosing.

    I would bet most of this depends on whether Obama wins big this November. If he does (and his V.P. pick is strong) she won’t see much opportunity running for president in either 2012 or 2016. I doubt she will hold out for a 2020 run? Supreme Court might be the best legacy option available for her. And as was stated earlier, she only has to be appointed once. After that she can hold office until she chooses to retire.

    “if you are steeped in the constitution, and given to long hours arguing arcane legal terms, being a supreme court justice can be an assignment in hell.”

    As someone who clerked for a judge I know what it is like. It isn’t all that bad. Plus, thanks to the turn of the last century there is a tremendous amount of power to be had as a Justice- why do you think those on the court cling so long to their office? On the court Clinton could protect the legislation she supports (health care reform, etc.) and become a saint to the left. Perhaps it could be her penance for being mean to Obama and supporting the war in Iraq.

  6. straightrecord on

    your scenario is interesting, but as a former clerk, you must be aware that the personalities of justices and senators, are quite different. i’ve met several justices, hundreds of senators, including clinton, and few presidents and i’ve covered oral arguments at the court and senate hearings and the white house. that’s what tells me clinton is highly unlikely to take a court appointment. it’s just not a fit. assuming he wins, obama can’t run in 2016, and with the mess he would face in cleaning up after bush his first term, he could stumble hard and have trouble getting renominated in 2012. i think clinton will hang around.

  7. Jay on

    “Perhaps it could be her penance”

    That’s hilarious! I never really thought of the Supreme Court as being boring or an earthly form of punishment, but then I like Constitutional Law.

    My thoughts generally about this issue are not whether Hillary would or would not take the opportutnity IF it ever presented itself, but rather whether she could ever get through a confirmation hearing due to the fact that she’s been a politician so long. The main issue in my mind, is whether she’s even qualified. I think she would run into the same problems as Harriet Myers did (and rightfully so).

    But the fanciful idea that someday Scalia could crack a joke from the High Court bench to which Hillary Clinton could then burst forth in her annoying cackle is a very entertaining and scary prospect.

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