The Candidates Call Each Other’s Bluff

Throughout this historic campaign the Republicans have highlighted Senator Barack Obama’s obvious lack of experience—especially on foreign affairs and national security issues.  This fact has also appeared to be a very effective argument.  And so in the first major decision of Obama’s young, national political career he reached out and tapped fellow senior, thirty-plus-year-veteran Senator Joe Biden for the number two spot to bolster the perception of experience. 

“Take that John McCain!” 

But the “inexperience” argument still holds some persuasive power, or at least it did.  Enter: young Governor Sarah Palin.  “What!?”  “Who?”  Now Democrats are crying “foul” on McCain’s new vice-presidential pick.  “Oh, the hypocrisy!” they sneer.  Even Republicans quietly wonder to themselves why McCain would risk disarming their favorite handy “inexperience” argument?  Because McCain got what he wanted all along.  (Get ready for it!)  In a stroke of political genius, McCain has single-handedly dismantled Obama’s strongest argument against McCain—Obama being the candidate of change!

“Take that Barack Obama!” 

The maverick McCain/Palin ticket doesn’t look or feel close to anything like Bush/Cheney or even the Obama/Biden ticket.  The first female conservative VP in 232 years of America’s history!  Obama’s entire “change” theme and brand has suffered a huge blow and has its own hypocrisy problem.  Sure, Obama has rightly earned a significant place in history, but his decision to “ignore women” for the most part and stick with another old “safe” liberal white guy for VP is going to haunt his dreams until election day and quite possibly beyond.      

And so now this entire political process is right back to square one.  The two candidates have called each other’s bluff.  “Change” and “inexperience” are pretty much off the table (except for the nagging historical fact that Presidental and Vice-Presidential qualifications don’t usually equate).  These campaigns are now forced to refocus on the issues that voters care about most: strong families, strong country, and real opportunity to get a piece of the American dream and who has the best plan to lead us there.


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  1. Barbara on

    Oh, please, just how stupid do you think women are? So she took down a few corrupt REPUBLICAN players. Is she going to do that in Washington?

    Stupid? I never said and certainly don’t think women are stupid. But the Democratic Party certainly takes that demographic for granted. I absolutely believe Gov. Palin can “play” with the “big boys” in D.C.—why couldn’t she?

    This is a major ploy of the Republican party to try and sway female voters.

    Because women don’t vote Republican? Lots of women vote Republican. It’s about time Republicans finally put a good conservative woman on the ticket!

    She wouldn’t even be on the ticket had Obama chosen a woman, and McCain doesn’t know anything about this woman nor does he care. As far as Hillary supporters, if they are truly independent, free thinking women they won’t vote for an ultra-conservative like Palin.

    Because “truly independent, free thinking women” have to agree with you?

    My INDEPENDENT vote is firmly planted in the Democratic corner because of John McCain. When it comes to experience, we’ve had 8 years of that and look where it got us. The economy is in the toilet (except the upper 2%), our education system (no child left behind?) is an embarrassment, and we’ve made no strides towards new energy programs that will lead us away from our reliance on oil.

    It appears to me that you are firmly in the Democratic corner because of eight years of George Bush—not John McCain. Bush isn’t up for re-election and McCain couldn’t be happier to take this country in a new direction. Thankfully McCain challenged the Bush administration, called for Rumsfeld’s resignation, and had the sound judgment to call for the surge in Iraq which has been a tremendous success!

    Yes, I know that you think women are gullible enough to fall for this, but let’s see how long she stays on the ticket. I think some personal family issues might pull her out of the race, and I seriously doubt that McCain will put another woman in her place considering he thinks his own wife is an [expletive].
    For all you woman out there who might be behind her, just think of what you get first: John McCain, a misogynistic old man who treats women like baggage and doesn’t care about your rights or equality.

    Gov. Palin is strong enough to manage home and country. I still wonder why you think this “poor little lady” will crumble? I bet she’s every bit as tough as Hillary. And the best part is that McCain & Palin will not only fight for equality and women’s rights—they will fight for equality and women’s rights for unborn women too. –J.

  2. grantbond on

    OBAMA 2008!

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