Obama Pushed Iraq to Delay Troop Withdrawals


[An] attempt to subvert the executive branch would be contrary to established U.S. foreign policy. If Zebari’s statements are discovered to be true, Obama would be guilty of the most unadulterated political profiteering and moral corruption in modern history. To seek electoral gain on the deception of a nation at war and the blood of American soldiers is nothing less than treasonous villainy….

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  1. FoodyMom on

    This was eye-opening to me, not to mention jaw-droppig. I’ve been looking for ANY reference to it on CNN, MSNBC, and ABCNEWS, to no avail. It’s on Drudge. CNN’s headline is that Palin won’t partake in the tainted investigation of her “wrong doings.” Nothing about Obama’s treason. Nothing. That really makes me angry.

  2. Jay on

    The allegations are stunning and I also don’t understand why the media outlets are not investigating this better? (I’ve not even seen it mentioned on Fox News yet.)

  3. FoodyMom on

    Probably for the same reason they didn’t cover the John Edwards affair until they were forced to. They’re probably considering it hearsay until there is ‘proof’ that substantiates it. I just wonder why they don’t allow Palin the same objectivity.

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