Government Healthcare = You Cost Too Much

Doctors treating the baby say he has such poor quality of life that it’s not in his best interests to keep him alive.

Gosh, I thought somebody did say something about possible death panels in government-run health care.  But with government-paid doctors like the ones in the UK’s universal healthcare system, who needs death panels?  Your own doctors will seek to pull the plug when you get to be too expensive.   

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  1. The Center Square on

    Understand first that I do not support the bill being debated in Congress.

    My question here is do you think that our current healthcare system costs too much? We already spend 40% more per capita than any other nation on earth, and it is getting rapidly worse. We are projected to reach 20% of our GDP going to healthcare by 2018. I hope that people understand that keeping the status quo is also financially ruinous. Again, making no comment on this particular bill, having no healthcare reform is disastrous.

  2. Jay on

    Make no mistake — reform is definitely needed.

    When it comes to healthcare, private insurance is the problem. A necessary evil for sure, but certainly abused and taken for granted and flawed. Health insurers have found a cash cow and they are likely just as corrupt as securities insurers proved to be. The insurance industry in general is wreaking havoc on the economy.

    Government insurance is not the answer. Government just needs to keep private insurance honest, reasonably regulated (i.e. force coverage for natural pre-existing conditions, etc.)and let the lawyers loose on health insurers who do not honor their policies.

  3. The Center Square on

    Man, if “private insurance is the problem” and “government insurance is not the answer,” whither next?

  4. Jay on

    I found this article that highlites or explains better an obvious flaw in our current system: fee for service rather than flat rates.

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