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If you take the Word at its word, it is God’s Word. Because it is God’s Word, it is truth (John 17:17), it is inerrant (John 10:35), it is sufficient for every Christian need (2 Timothy 3:15-17). Are you a real disciple ofJesus? The way you treat the Bible tells the tale (John 8:31-32). It is the end result of a long, deliberate process (Hebrews 1:1-2), done through men moved by the Holy Spirit who wrote out God’s self-revelation, rather than products of their own will (2 Peter 1:20-21).

And it’s markedly complete. No essential God-breathed book has been found that antedates Genesis, nor any that post-dates Revelation. The whole vital, need-to-know story and all the details are there: God, man, the universe, the meaning of life and everything. How it all started, how it all ends, what we’re to be believing and doing (and not believing nor doing) in the meanwhile.

And there’s so much of it. Sixty-six books chock-full of revelation. So much that most professing Christians (to our shame) have never even read it all.

In the light of that, what explains a movement that in effect trivializes it all? (emphasis mine)

There’s no point in reinventing the wheel on this issue. Pyromaniac’s¬†lively post is much more interesting to read than anything I could have come up with anyway. ūüôā Full Post Here¬†¬† Plus, another¬†excellent post¬†at Four Simpsons!¬†¬†

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America’s Problem is Christians?

¬†“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I¬†hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” —II Chronicles 7:14¬†

I’ve always thought this verse to be a stunning rebuke in my own life and to luke-warm Christianity in general. Our¬†nation is¬†in desperate need of revival,¬†but revival will never be sparked until¬†self-professing Christians¬†repent from our own sin.¬†If we believe that verse, then our nation is losing the blessing of God because of our Christian hypocrisy.¬†

Dear God, please forgive us.

May 3, 2007: 56th Annual National Day of Prayer

Bill Maher Blasts Regent Law School

I know Bill Maher is a political comedian and his whole life revolves around farts and giggles. But if Bill¬†actually believes that¬†Regent University’s School of¬†Law is just a¬†crazy little school where televangelist Pat Robertson (Yale Law Alumnus) leads in Bible reading and prayer all day long—he’s dead wrong.¬†(For starters, founder Pat Robertson has never taught at Regent Law.)

Regent¬†Law is an elite (in a good way) Christian law school. But in the world of law schools, Regent Law is very young and will never enjoy¬†the status of an¬†“Ivy League” school¬†in our lifetime.¬†A fourth-tier ranking isn’t necessarily bad it’s just where new law schools begin their ascent.¬†The ranking criteria includes factors such as¬†national legal reputation¬†which¬†makes a high score¬†nearly impossible for Regent in that category¬†compared to the reputations of 300 year old¬†schools like Yale.¬† Don’t believe me?¬†U.S. News¬†& World Report will never tell you THIS.¬†

But Regent Law is an excellent law school:

—Regent Law has full recognition as an ABA accredited law school.

—Regent Law won the 2006 ABA National Moot Court Competition in Chicago, Illinois.

—Regent Law won the 2007 ABA National Negotiations Competition in Miami, Florida (succeeding ’06 winner Harvard Law).

—Regent Law accepts students of various political and religious persuasions and maintains policies of Biblical, Christian standards of conduct on campus.

—Regent Law’s admission standards continue to rise every year.

—Regent Law’s bar passage rate is currently above the¬†70% average of all¬†law schools in Virginia. (UPDATE:¬† 2007 Regent pass rate 83.3%)

—Many¬†Regent Law¬†professors hail from top-tier law schools including Yale, Harvard, Chicago, Virginia, Georgetown, etc.¬†and¬†several¬†have held full partnership positions in prestigious¬†law firms.¬†

—Regent Law Professors teach with¬†traditional methods and law texts while recognizing Christian viewpoints in various legal issues and concepts.

—Regent Law enjoys a strong regional reputation¬†in the mid-Atlantic states and is¬†in (relatively)¬†close proximity to the D.C. area and thereby¬†retains natural political ties.

There are over¬†one million attorneys¬†in the United States today. About forty thousand new lawyers graduate and begin to practice law every year. Ten percent of all lawyers practice for some level of government. So why does Bill Maher zero in on 150 Regent Law graduates who have found federal government positions over the last¬†decade? I’ll tell you why—Mr. funny man is an anti-Christian¬†BIGOT.¬†

Bill Maher¬†probably thinks all Christians, especially Christian conservatives¬†“have sh-t for brains.”¬†Well, it’s really not hard to see who has that problem after listening to a few of his jokes.¬†So go ahead Bill, scorn your life away¬†while Pat Robertson ministers to multi-millions of needy people¬†around the world with Operation Blessing¬†and the 700 Club and¬†while¬†Regent University sends out Christian leaders in law, faith, politics, psychology,¬†entertainment, education, and business.¬†After all Bill, you’re only good for a laugh.¬†¬†¬†