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Have you met Judy Riuliani?

Giuliani is a nice guy and was a successful mayor, but I wonder how someone who is openly Pro-Choice and has marched in Gay Rights parades can still manage to label himself a conservative Republican, rally conservative constituents, and even somehow manage to garner the support of social conservative Pat Robertson. 

It just doesn’t pass the smell test. 

And if one is concerned mostly about national security issues or the War in Iraq, I am at a loss to understand why independents and other conservative voters would overlook, for example, McCain’s experience and understanding of those critcal issues.  I sincerely doubt that McCain has ever been caught in “drag” for any reason, he has been much more consistent than Giuliani (or even Romney for that matter) on traditional Republican Party plank issues, and McCain has had tremendous foresight and understanding of the need for certain troop strategies in Iraq.

What say you? 

Talk is Cheap

Service.  Experience.  Leadership. 

Any questions?