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Stages of Grief: Far Left Style

If you are wondering why far left bloggers are so angry and vicious right now, I might suggest the Kubler-Ross Model for the five stages of grief as a point of reference.

1) Denial:  “We are solid!  We just wrapped up the largest Democratic Convention in history in a great big football stadium with a hot new nominee!  This is gonna be a quick two months!  McCain’s so old news.  I mean Palin who?  McCain must be pretty desperate.  Oh, she’s just some housewife and former Mayor of a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere with zero experience.  Plus, she’s pro-life so no woman in her right mind would ever vote for her.  It’s so lame that McCain would pick a woman anyway.  Biden is exactly what we need!  McCain & Palin = More of the Same.”

2) Anger:  “Well, nobody can believe the polls!  There’s still two months to go!  And McCain and Palin just keep lying about EVERYTHING!  That baby isn’t even hers!  And who tries to sell airplanes on EBAY!?  I mean they just lie about EVERYTHING and they’re dumb!  And Obama has proven executive leadership because he’s been campaigning longer than Palin has been governor of Alaska!!!  And by-golly we are the party of change because we say so!!!  Nobody cares that you two mavericks have a record of reform!  We are the party of change because we thought of it first you dingbats!!!  Biden’s been fighting for change for 30 years!  Did you hear me!?  I said, ‘change for 30 years!!!'”

3) Bargaining:  “Okay, maybe Obama should have picked Hillary.  But thank goodness we still have over a month.  Maybe we’ve been too nice.  Soooooo, we are gonna crank up the negative campaign ads because when we say change–voters are gonna get a big ol’ dose of change!!!  And we will agree to debate you three times (and maybe some other forum if we think it will work).  But the debates are gonna fix this mess.  I mean when Obama is standing next to McCain talking about his community service and rise to junior Senator status and his plans for shiny new expensive government programs–we’ll get back that momentum we lost.  Nobody wants to hear about someone’s thrilling military service record, war stories, POW survival, all those big clashes in DC the last couple of decades that have saved tax payers lots of money and put crooks in jail, and how Iraq is better off with a chance at liberty and freedom.  No, Sir!!!  People are gonna see that Obama has a solid, proven record of the change we need.”

4) Depression: [near future]  “Ummm, three debates is good.  Yep.  Three’s good.  I’m good with three.    I think we made our position pretty clear to the American people.  And when the voters finally stop to think for themselves about who has what it takes to be the leader of the free world, they are gonna look at Barack Obama and… and… well, who am I kidding?  Gosh, poor Biden never even saw what hit him in that VP debate…  Why didn’t we pick Hillary?  Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!??  We needed the Clintons!  If only we had more time!  And I’m so busy—swamped with all these college classes and studying for mid-terms.  I don’t even know if I’ll be voting November 4th.  What’s the point?” 

5) Acceptance: [near future]  “These have been the longest, and most agonizing two months of my entire life.  But I’ve learned something.  And I’ve been part of history.  McCain’s not gonna be too bad.  It’s not the end of the world.  Heck, at least Bush is gone.  And if that’s not change then I don’t know what change is.  And Hillary might just kick some butt in four more years anyway…”


And for all you Palin haters out there:

The problem with your reasoning is that McCain is the one running for President — not Palin.  And Obama has even less experience than Palin.  So when you knock the governor you knock the junior senator from Illinois.

McCain is correct: he needs no on the job training.  Obama does.

And nobody REALLY cares about any VP nominee’s experience or abilities because VP’s manage the Senate unless and until the President dies.  It’s a pretty thankless job.  So VP’s generally are supposed to strengthen the ticket.  And Palin does that, plus she has the necessary experience.

You don’t hate Palin.  You hate the fact that people LIKE Palin.  You hate the fact that Obama picked a yawner of a VP.  You hate the fact that Obama is not meeting your expectations.  You hate the fact that an election might be slipping away.  It’s not that Obama doesn’t care.  He does care.  It’s just that Obama doesn’t get it.  He’s just too inexperienced I guess.  In a moment of weakness and self doubt he reached out for the trusty old liberal white guy — Biden.

Well, good luck with that.

Family Man McCain

In an article entitled, Getting to Know John McCain, Karl Rove writes about Cindy and John McCain’s decision to adopt a child from one of Mother Teresa’s orphanages.

“…in 1991 Cindy McCain was visiting Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Bangladesh when a dying infant was thrust into her hands. The orphanage could not provide the medical care needed to save her life, so Mrs. McCain brought the child home to America with her. She was met at the airport by her husband, who asked what all this was about.

Mrs. McCain replied that the child desperately needed surgery and years of rehabilitation. “I hope she can stay with us,” she told her husband. Mr. McCain agreed. Today that child is their teenage daughter Bridget.

I was aware of this story. What I did not know, and what I learned from Doris, is that there was a second infant Mrs. McCain brought back. She ended up being adopted by a young McCain aide and his wife.

“We were called at midnight by Cindy,” Wes Gullett remembers, and “five days later we met our new daughter Nicki at the L.A. airport wearing the only clothing Cindy could find on the trip back, a 7-Up T-shirt she bought in the Bangkok airport.” Today, Nicki is a high school sophomore. Mr. Gullett told me, “I never saw a hospital bill” for her care.”

A few things not mentioned in Karl Rove’s article about Cindy McCain is that after earning a Masters in Special Education at the University of Southern California she became a special needs teacher. She has also founded and supported many very worthy charities including American Voluntary Medical Team (AVMT) which brought emergency medical relief to countries all over the world.

Another organization she founded is the Hensley Family Foundation, which donates monies towards children’s programs in Arizona and nationally. And she has been a longtime active volunteer in an organization called Operation Smile, a nonprofit organization that has been repairing child and young adult cleft palates and cleft lips in countries around the globe.

Hat Tip: Unborn Word of the Day

I’ll add that unlike President Bush, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, John McCain actually has a son fighting on the ground in Iraq.  I think this speaks volumes to McCain’s understanding of the very real issues facing our national interests down to the very personal issues many military families and others deal with every day.  McCain has much more experience than just “Washington experience,” and it shows.  His adult children from his previous marriage very much admire him.

Updated Picture

Associate Justice Hillary Rodham Clinton


As Barack Obama slowly but surely takes a definitive lead in the Democratic primary, there’s another option he could pursue to put opponent Hillary Clinton on his team as she gamely continues her seeming losing battle for the presidential nomination.

“It’s likely that the next president will face at least one Supreme Court vacancy,” a Washington Post guest writer points out in a much-read opinion piece today. “Obama should promise Hillary Clinton, now, that if he wins in November, the vacancy will be hers, making her first on a list of one.”

Even if Obama could persuade Clinton to accept a second-place position on a joint ticket, she would be a significant addition to the Supreme Court because of her intelligence, tenacity and expected liberal viewpoint, especially compared to some of the court’s sitting justices, according to James Andrew Miller, who served as an aide to former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker Jr., a Republican.

“President Obama would engender praise (at least from Democrats) at the prospect of Hillary going toe to toe with Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito,” Miller writes. “Clinton’s gumption and determination might make her one of the most powerful forces ever on the court, particularly when it comes to swaying other justices when the court is closely divided.”

Original Article Post

From Me: “Yikes!”  But I seriously doubt it would ever happen for any number of reasons.

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Now Showing in a non-Islamic Country Near You

Conservemus posted a short film for us to watch in two 7 minute parts.  It’s officially been pulled according his post, but still available to view for now.  This courageous short documentary-type piece by filmmaker and Dutch politician, Geert Wilders is called FITNA, and many Islamic people around the world are furious.  But the film is powerful because it shows the radical extremists speaking from their own mouths and acting out of the hatred spread among them.  If you are so inclined: CLICK HERE for Paul’s post.     

I was hesitant to watch the clips, but at some point we Americans must confront the ugly truth of radical Islam and jihadists.  I cannot emphasize enough McCain’s strength of leadership in dealing with the reality of what we as a nation face from Islamic extremists.  This is also a strong reminder that America is in the midst of spiritual warfare as real as any war and that Christian Americans must continue to pray for wisdom for ourselves, our nation, and our leaders in this age of global extremism.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but everlasting life.” –John 3:16

The Memory of a Donkey?

Hillary in Bosnia spoof: This has to be one of the funniest political videos I’ve seen this election cycle.