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Kagan’s Never had a Real Courtroom Trial!?

While I also approve of the notion that the High Court could use a “real attorney” and that too many experienced Federal Judges end up on the Supreme Court while many great attorneys in this country remain unconsidered–I assumed that Obama would select a real attorney–a real experinced trial attorney!!!

Why would anyone possibly think Kagan is qualified, if she has never fought in the trenches?  She’s apparently never fought a case for the little guy!  At least that is my understanding from this quote from Focus on the Family:

“Ms. Kagan is an accomplished scholar, but has never served as a judge and has spent very little time inside a court room. Prior to becoming solicitor general in 2009, she stated that she had never tried a case all the way to a decision or verdict.” 

She’s just another elitest, Ivy League, Washington D.C. insider who doesn’t understand what regular blue collar, hard working America is.  Kagan doesn’t get it.  

She doesn’t appreciate traditional family values or think that preserving the traditional definition of marriage is important.  And even worse yet, she’s been so busy promoting her far-left liberal ideological interests at Harvard Law and undermining sound Constitutional law as Solictor General that she apparently never found the time to take a case to trial in her entire legal career!

This appears to be a shady, disgraceful nomination of someone who does not deserve the title of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.  Never mind ideology–the Senate ought to CAN her for lack of necessary experience. Period.  She ought to have the decency to withdraw her name much like Harriet Miers had the good sense to do.

Bill Maher Blasts Regent Law School

I know Bill Maher is a political comedian and his whole life revolves around farts and giggles. But if Bill actually believes that Regent University’s School of Law is just a crazy little school where televangelist Pat Robertson (Yale Law Alumnus) leads in Bible reading and prayer all day long—he’s dead wrong. (For starters, founder Pat Robertson has never taught at Regent Law.)

Regent Law is an elite (in a good way) Christian law school. But in the world of law schools, Regent Law is very young and will never enjoy the status of an “Ivy League” school in our lifetime. A fourth-tier ranking isn’t necessarily bad it’s just where new law schools begin their ascent. The ranking criteria includes factors such as national legal reputation which makes a high score nearly impossible for Regent in that category compared to the reputations of 300 year old schools like Yale.  Don’t believe me? U.S. News & World Report will never tell you THIS

But Regent Law is an excellent law school:

—Regent Law has full recognition as an ABA accredited law school.

—Regent Law won the 2006 ABA National Moot Court Competition in Chicago, Illinois.

—Regent Law won the 2007 ABA National Negotiations Competition in Miami, Florida (succeeding ’06 winner Harvard Law).

—Regent Law accepts students of various political and religious persuasions and maintains policies of Biblical, Christian standards of conduct on campus.

—Regent Law’s admission standards continue to rise every year.

—Regent Law’s bar passage rate is currently above the 70% average of all law schools in Virginia. (UPDATE:  2007 Regent pass rate 83.3%)

—Many Regent Law professors hail from top-tier law schools including Yale, Harvard, Chicago, Virginia, Georgetown, etc. and several have held full partnership positions in prestigious law firms. 

—Regent Law Professors teach with traditional methods and law texts while recognizing Christian viewpoints in various legal issues and concepts.

—Regent Law enjoys a strong regional reputation in the mid-Atlantic states and is in (relatively) close proximity to the D.C. area and thereby retains natural political ties.

There are over one million attorneys in the United States today. About forty thousand new lawyers graduate and begin to practice law every year. Ten percent of all lawyers practice for some level of government. So why does Bill Maher zero in on 150 Regent Law graduates who have found federal government positions over the last decade? I’ll tell you why—Mr. funny man is an anti-Christian BIGOT. 

Bill Maher probably thinks all Christians, especially Christian conservatives “have sh-t for brains.” Well, it’s really not hard to see who has that problem after listening to a few of his jokes. So go ahead Bill, scorn your life away while Pat Robertson ministers to multi-millions of needy people around the world with Operation Blessing and the 700 Club and while Regent University sends out Christian leaders in law, faith, politics, psychology, entertainment, education, and business. After all Bill, you’re only good for a laugh.   

Old Eli & Old Glory

Here’s irony: while attending one of America’s finest schools, three students decided to burn the American flag. What could be more American than Yale? “Old Eli” is the third oldest school of higher education in the United States and certainly one of the most prestigious. Since 1701, she’s attracted the best and brightest students in the U.S. and from around the world— that is until now evidently. I’m all for freedom of speech, but that was a really, really dumb and ungrateful gesture.