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The Coolest “Old Guy” Ever

I’m honored for the opportunity to support such an outstanding, distinguished, true American hero — Sen. John McCain for President of the United States.  The best of luck Nov. 4th.     

Biden Predicts Crisis

I suppose Biden himself could also be a bit of crisis for Sen. Obama’s campaign.  Why so many people are willing to overlook the fact that Obama is the least prepared and most inexperienced presidential candidate in modern times is a quandary.  And why people think he can fix the economy when he has never actually even run a business or even a city government is remarkable. 

This is not some fairy tale story with a happy ending if Sen. Obama is elected.  No.  This is as serious as it gets.  The person elected will be responsible not only for our economy but also for our security and position in the world.  Russia, North Korea, China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine and Venezuela with all their problems do not disappear with an inspiring speech or campaign promise.  I think Biden understands that.  I think voters understand that too, but we ignore it to our peril. 

“Live free or die!” is one of our nation’s storied mottoes, yet America is on the precipice of trading freedom with its uncertainties and endless opportunities for the mediocre “safety” of massive government programs funded with your money to fix all of our problems.  Obama is attempting to buy votes with the promise of tax rebate checks for millions of people who don’t even pay any Federal income taxes.  I grant that McCain is not the best example of conservative economic prowess, but Obama is much worse and intentionally so.  We forget that government created these problems in the first place.  Over-taxing success and feeding more money to government solves nothing and kills jobs. 

In addition, we are about to tell the world whether they can “test” our resolve or not.  Obama has consistently demonstrated his willingness to back down from a necessary fight.  And he’s been dead wrong.  If Obama had been President these past four years, Iraq would be lost.  Gone would be the chance at a stable democracy and the new opportunity for women’s rights in the Middle East.  In fact, if Obama had been President eight years ago, Saddam Hussein would still be in power today.  And so what Obama represents to me is quite simple—less freedom here and abroad and more fear.  Don’t take my word for it, just ask Obama’s VP.            


Constitution May Bar Obama Presidency

Hat Tip: Bob McCarty Writes  The video also addresses controversy concerning McCain’s “natural born” status.

“This Is What a Feminist Looks Like”


Stages of Grief: Far Left Style

If you are wondering why far left bloggers are so angry and vicious right now, I might suggest the Kubler-Ross Model for the five stages of grief as a point of reference.

1) Denial:  “We are solid!  We just wrapped up the largest Democratic Convention in history in a great big football stadium with a hot new nominee!  This is gonna be a quick two months!  McCain’s so old news.  I mean Palin who?  McCain must be pretty desperate.  Oh, she’s just some housewife and former Mayor of a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere with zero experience.  Plus, she’s pro-life so no woman in her right mind would ever vote for her.  It’s so lame that McCain would pick a woman anyway.  Biden is exactly what we need!  McCain & Palin = More of the Same.”

2) Anger:  “Well, nobody can believe the polls!  There’s still two months to go!  And McCain and Palin just keep lying about EVERYTHING!  That baby isn’t even hers!  And who tries to sell airplanes on EBAY!?  I mean they just lie about EVERYTHING and they’re dumb!  And Obama has proven executive leadership because he’s been campaigning longer than Palin has been governor of Alaska!!!  And by-golly we are the party of change because we say so!!!  Nobody cares that you two mavericks have a record of reform!  We are the party of change because we thought of it first you dingbats!!!  Biden’s been fighting for change for 30 years!  Did you hear me!?  I said, ‘change for 30 years!!!'”

3) Bargaining:  “Okay, maybe Obama should have picked Hillary.  But thank goodness we still have over a month.  Maybe we’ve been too nice.  Soooooo, we are gonna crank up the negative campaign ads because when we say change–voters are gonna get a big ol’ dose of change!!!  And we will agree to debate you three times (and maybe some other forum if we think it will work).  But the debates are gonna fix this mess.  I mean when Obama is standing next to McCain talking about his community service and rise to junior Senator status and his plans for shiny new expensive government programs–we’ll get back that momentum we lost.  Nobody wants to hear about someone’s thrilling military service record, war stories, POW survival, all those big clashes in DC the last couple of decades that have saved tax payers lots of money and put crooks in jail, and how Iraq is better off with a chance at liberty and freedom.  No, Sir!!!  People are gonna see that Obama has a solid, proven record of the change we need.”

4) Depression: [near future]  “Ummm, three debates is good.  Yep.  Three’s good.  I’m good with three.    I think we made our position pretty clear to the American people.  And when the voters finally stop to think for themselves about who has what it takes to be the leader of the free world, they are gonna look at Barack Obama and… and… well, who am I kidding?  Gosh, poor Biden never even saw what hit him in that VP debate…  Why didn’t we pick Hillary?  Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!??  We needed the Clintons!  If only we had more time!  And I’m so busy—swamped with all these college classes and studying for mid-terms.  I don’t even know if I’ll be voting November 4th.  What’s the point?” 

5) Acceptance: [near future]  “These have been the longest, and most agonizing two months of my entire life.  But I’ve learned something.  And I’ve been part of history.  McCain’s not gonna be too bad.  It’s not the end of the world.  Heck, at least Bush is gone.  And if that’s not change then I don’t know what change is.  And Hillary might just kick some butt in four more years anyway…”


And for all you Palin haters out there:

The problem with your reasoning is that McCain is the one running for President — not Palin.  And Obama has even less experience than Palin.  So when you knock the governor you knock the junior senator from Illinois.

McCain is correct: he needs no on the job training.  Obama does.

And nobody REALLY cares about any VP nominee’s experience or abilities because VP’s manage the Senate unless and until the President dies.  It’s a pretty thankless job.  So VP’s generally are supposed to strengthen the ticket.  And Palin does that, plus she has the necessary experience.

You don’t hate Palin.  You hate the fact that people LIKE Palin.  You hate the fact that Obama picked a yawner of a VP.  You hate the fact that Obama is not meeting your expectations.  You hate the fact that an election might be slipping away.  It’s not that Obama doesn’t care.  He does care.  It’s just that Obama doesn’t get it.  He’s just too inexperienced I guess.  In a moment of weakness and self doubt he reached out for the trusty old liberal white guy — Biden.

Well, good luck with that.