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Healthcare Plan to Fund Genocide of the Unborn

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Pro-Life Inconsistency?

“If one is prosecuting abortion providers, then, it would seem that in fairness, women should not enjoy an exemption from such prosecution.”

Who Wants to Imprison Pregnant Women For Having Abortions?: Not Necessarily the Pro-Life Community, By SHERRY F. COLB

It seems that Ms. Colb, a pro-choice advocate, is willing to “up the ante” of the pro-life movement in calling for us to advocate criminal laws against women (not just doctors) if we truly believe abortion should be generally illegal.  While that may be consistent in some circumstances, I rather believe that indeed most women are victimized by abortion providers and the deceptions of the pro-choice movement.  But don’t tell the pro-choice feminists that because it just patronizes women.  

What do you think?

Simply Horrifying

We often hear about China’s booming economy, untapped market, business opportunities, etc. And almost every time I shop, I often buy products made in China and thereby promote U.S. policy which grants China the coveted “Most Favored Nation Trading Status,” which in turn funds China’s quasi-communist economy, communist ideology, communist government and atrocities against women and people of faith. Since discovering China View at WordPress, I have witnessed truth that I wish I had not witnessed. But alas, it is the truth. Plain and simple. And horrifying.

The Chinese people need our prayers. Because eventually either free market and democratic principles will implode Communist Chinese policy and lead to the restoration of human rights, or we are living in an American fantasy that ends in a mushroom cloud after Communist China is finished using our money. (Or have we just forgotten what Marxist Communism is?)  

Why Are You Pro-Life?

I just came across a very honest post about why nearly 50% of America is pro-choice. It’s a good read. Whether one agrees or not, it’s important to understand other perspectives so that each of us can make informed, rational decisions for ourselves.  

But I’m not pro-choice. I think I listen to and understand that perspective well. I empathize. But I’m not convinced abortion is the right answer for unwanted pregnancies.

–I feel unborn women deserve rights also.

–I believe men must be held legally responsible and more accountable for their actions in unwanted pregnancies. Read that again.

–I believe churches should do less preaching against abortion and start funding and operating more maternity centers.

–I believe taxes should be lower so that parents may keep more of their money and thereby avoid daycare if so desired. (That makes more sense than keeping taxes high but offering childcare tax credits and/or deductions.) Here’s an idea: do both.

–More churches could & should offer low cost daycare.

–Universal Healthcare for young children should be seriously considered. We do it for the elderly. (P.S. Social Security is failing because abortion has eliminated expected future workforces in our economy.) That was free.

–Adoptions should be less expensive: no child left behind.

–Finally, abortion should be rare. A last resort to save the life of the mother.

A selfish, intentional abortion is the worst sort of child abuse. Abortion always ends a life. There’s no way around that. Our society should be one that welcomes and protects our most innocent life.

What are your thoughts?