Even More Individuals Not Covered Under Obama’s Healthcare Plan

Yes, Barack Obama opposed bills that would have mandated medical treatment for children that survived abortions.”  Hat tip: Virginia Virtucon

If this is “hope” for America, no thanks.



August 25, 2004, Chicago Sun-Times cartoon by Jack Higgins

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  1. Kate on

    The more I research Obama, the more “left” I find him. He’s a scary man!! I fear for our country if he gets into office! I really do.


  2. Matthew on

    He’s left of left. And immature. And has a golden tongue.

    He’s going to be tough to beat.

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  4. Vivian on

    Obama is immature? You call someone who accepts everyone for who they are immature? Someone who loves his enemies immature? Someone who has stood tall inspite of horrific attacks like yours immature? Please…. Can’t you find somethings better?

  5. Matt on


    Take the time to understand the issue. Many people don’t want Obama as President not because he’s immature or any number of other reasons – it’s largely due to the fact that he is pro-choice.

    There’s no way we could ever debate an issue like abortion (or in this case, neglect) until we both come to terms at some level, and agree that we have to follow some brand of logic. Unless you and I understand and agree on very basic premises regarding human faculties (including intellectual) then we are essentially arguing in two different incoherent languages.

  6. Vivian on

    Bla, bla, bla! Religions should tackle this crap not government! I have to worry about gas prices, grocery prices, health care for my parents, education, and my daughter’s future! I think that is more important than a woman having an abortion! You need to concentrate on making sure there is birth control available! Please don’t give me the, “Oh, women should not have pre-marital sex.” What will you tell a woman if she is raped my her own father? Oh, wait, “Suck-it up and give it up for adoption?” Ugh! Seriously! I have other things to worry about! Like putting food on the table for my family!

  7. Jay on


    I guess you’ve not yet realized that 30+ years of abortion on demand has led to many of the economic problems America faces today: higher taxation; lower consumption; weaker military; under-funded Social Security; skyrocketing healthcare costs; widening income gaps; incentive for illegal immigration, and on and on.

    I guess it’s not a good idea after all, to encourage the elimination of 40+ million people who could otherwise be contributing to our workforce, our economy, and our social programs.

    But I guess you think an individual’s relentless pursuit of sex without purpose, without moral considerations, without common sense or long-term commitment to the preservation of our families & our society is more important.

    So, go vote early and vote often for Obama and do so with the knowledge that he will do absolutely nothing to address the very basic and fundamental problems caused by our culture of death.

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